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Apox B.V. Department of Pharmacy Vogelakker is a company specializes in filling- and refilling your Medical Oxygen cylinders and hydrotesting with Loyds certificates.

Apox B.V. Department of Pharmacy Vogelakker is also a selling point with a range that focuses on supplying medical items, Medical cases for the diving industry, fire brigade, government, hospitals, and trauma services.

Allied Healthcare Products, San-O-Sub, Acare and Merlin Medical are some of our suppliers for which we take care of the import and we use for our medical cases and on board supplies. You will find our medicalcases from Vietnam to Brazil from Norway to South Africa. All these cases are accompanied by a medical approval of a  doctor.

Apox B.V. Department of Pharmacy Vogelakker has almost all items in stock.

Delivery times are short, we always try to deliver within 24 hours.

For all your Medical Oxygen questions, please contact us.

Peter van der Panne, (company owner) is Oxygen Specialist, Oxygen Service Technician and a source of information for all your oxygen-related questions.


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